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Dmitri Lakachauskis @ 2018/09/10

I started my first official job as a PHP developer back in Aug 2004. However, I've been doing software development for almost 15 years now, right after I got from USA in Oct 2003.

At the beginning I bought two books to learn HTML 4.01 and Photoshop 6. The term web master or web designer started to become popular, so I thought in order to design you got to learn the best possible tool for it.

Soon enough I completed a freelance contract and earned my first $100. The customer actually gave me a banknote with Benjamin Franklin instead of corresponding amount in LVL. The project was simple - it consisted of raw HTML files and a single PHP function - mail.

Next I realized that cutting a PSD file in pieces and produce HTML out of it, adding behaviour to the page with Javascript - this is what I enjoy more, than moving pixels in Photoshop here and there. This was not a surprise as I was already comfortable with Pascal, which was the main language in early years of my University studies.

One of my class mates being a Perl developer adviced me to learn PHP. So I bought my first PHP book.

What's the deal?

Allright, why am I telling all this? The thing is that for all these years I never had a blog about software development. You can find my interviews, Github comments, Disqus discussions, Twitter messages, programming certificates, open source libraries, but I've never really blogged.

What's the problem? Sign up with Medium and go ahead. Well, having your own blog is not only your thoughts on paper - your blog is how the whole damn thing works! It might sound stupid for modern age, but this is how I always invisioned it and probably that's why was never able to start blogging.


So here you're are... reading my blog. I'm completely aware that this might be the last post. Nevertheless it was fun circling back in time while working on this document. Moreover I had to write at least one article in order to generate few tags, categories, etc. Consider this a test entry with some thought.


As you probably noticed by now, I'm not a native English speaker. If you spot a typo, weird word order or just some nonsense, feel free to make a pull request and help me to improve this article.

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